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201 (Medical):Lengthy Illness HEATH Harley Aderson (I6238)
202 (Medical):Like elastic, ie: worn out BOOTH Magnus Maynard (I2618)
203 (Medical):Lucille's paternal grandmother was Emma Rumph, a part of the Rumph family famous for producing a new variety of peach at their Willow Lake Plantation in Macon County, Ga. Samuel Lewis Rumph, an early horticulturists, named it the Elberta Peach after his wife. Later he developed an ice packed railroad car to transport Georgia peaches as far away as New York. ADAMS Lucille (I12010)
204 (Medical):Mary Jane died in January 1951. Mary Jane died from Schrosis of the liver, even though she never drank alcohol. This was possibly cancer instead as cancer wasn't widely known at that time and the symptoms were the same as Herbert Horne's stomach cancer...Gene
Death Certificate verifies CA of the colon 
SHEFFIELD Mary Jane (I944)
205 (Medical):Meriwether Lewis was born in Virginia during 1774 to William and Lucy Lewis. In November of 1779, William Lewis died of Pneumonia. Less than six months later on May 13, 1780, Lucy married Capt. John Marks.
When Meriwether was eight or nine years old, Capt. Marks and his family migrated to Wilkes County (now Oglethorpe), Georgia and settled on the Broad River in a colony developed by General John Mathews.
Meriwether lived in Georgia for about three to four years. 
Capt. MARKS John (I9210)
206 (Medical):Missing middle and ring finger on left hand from accident at the r/r round house BREWER Lonnie Winton (I609)
207 (Medical):Mother was in an asylum for a while WESTBROOK William Mayland (I4633)
208 (Medical):Mother was in an asylum for a while WESTBROOK Dorothy Katherine (I4634)
209 (Medical):multiple tumors HITE Jeff Thomas, Sr. (I925)
210 (Medical):Obituary says he had cancer on the neck, of which he died.
Paralysis for 2 years prior to death 
Col. BOOTH Samuel (I292)
211 (Medical):Pearl Dunn died of a heart attack. This was unexpected because she had been very active and had never had any indication of heart trouble. HORNE Pearl Blanche (I829)
212 (Medical):per Brenda Johnson Duckwall

(my grandmother's Aunt, William Franklin Harrison's sister; Adelaide Roberta helped raise my grandmother, Adelaide Nellie; Adelaide Nellie was only 2 when her mother died.

bonniesmithhearn: Gene, I have contacted you before. Sara Baird Harrison is my great grandmother; my grandmother, Cornelia Adelaide, was 16 mo. when her mother died of TB in France. My husband and I are going to France in May (upper Loire and Pays De La Mayenne will be visited.)It was in this area where she was treated. I am trying to locate the hospital where she died if the building still exists. Do you know anyone who might have information on name of place or exact location? From your Booth Family inf., I understand she was brought back from France and buried in Va.,correct? I would also like to compliment you on your excellent Booth Family website. Any additional inf. on my great grandmother would be appreciated. Bonnie Hearn
Inbox Apr 20 2:42 PM GMT 
ELLIS Ann Rebecca (I9796)
213 (Medical):Per County Death Schedule BOOTH Elizabeth ( Nannie) Bell (I493)
214 (Medical):Per pension of wife SHARPE Alfred Stith (I11108)
215 (Medical):Petresburg Genral Hosp GOODRICH James Elliott (I737)
216 (Medical):Possible:

Ronald Vance Rose
in the U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 No Image
Text-only collection
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Name:      Ronald Vance Rose
[Ronald V Rose]
SSN:      232625536
Gender:      Male
Race:      White
Birth Date:      24 May 1940
Birth Place:      Tams Raleigh, West Virginia
Death Date:      2 Apr 1993
Father:      William E Rose
Mother:      Pearl E Eller
Type of Claim:      Original SSN.
Notes:      Jul 1956: Name listed as RONALD VANCE ROSE; 14 Apr 1993: Name listed as RONALD V ROSE

Ronald Rose
in the U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010
U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010 No Image

Name:      Ronald Rose
Gender:      Male
Birth Date:      24 May 1940
Death Date:      2 Apr 1993
SSN:      232625536 
ROSE Ronald Vance (I12884)
217 (Medical):Possibly a heart attack or massive stroke (sic) BAUGH John Crier, I (I5615)
218 (Medical):Prostate GOODRICH Clyde Lelon (I5288)
219 (Medical):Pulmonary Embolism BOOTH Samuel Byron (I12442)
220 (Medical):Relapse from October STRUNK- BARNES Sabra E. (I7110)
221 (Medical):see .jpg documents WYNNE Robert (I10426)
222 (Medical):sent William Franklin Harrison's wife, Sarah E. Baird, to France to receive treatments for T.B. where she died.

Hi Gene,

Sarah Ellis Baird Harrison died in 1888. Her daughter married a Goodrich much later but did the Harrison's have a connection with the Goodriches or the Goodrich farm in 1888. There is no marker for Sarah in the Goodrich Cemetery and Sarah is not recorded on either of the cemetery inventory papers that Wanda showed us (written by her family).

The note I found was written by Sarah Johnson (Collier Johnson's wife) when they paid someone years ago to research family history. They think that she is buried in Prince George near Newville.

She died in France (receiving treatments for TB) so I guess there is even a chance that they did not send her body back home.

It's a mystery I guess....

Thanks for all the info and CD! It has been fascinating!!! And very helpful!

Brenda Johnson Duckwall

Sarah was my grandmother, Adelaide Cornelia Harrison's mother. Sarah died of TB in France at Place Mayenne, Pays de la Loiire when my grandmother was just two years old. Sarah had been sent to France by her family to do everything they could to save her. The place that she went was suppose to be one of the best places for recovery but she did not make it.
Looking at the pictures does bring a great deal of sorrow that she must have felt at leaving her husband and young family and meeting her death in a strange and difficult place.

Brenda, from every bit of information I have, I believe this is it...The white car you see belongs to the guard who asked us to leave. The name was changed in 1975 to Medical Center of La Fontaine-au-Bac, but the old sign is still there. You can look it up using Le Claviere Villiers-Charlemagne. All of this is located in the district of Mayenne Pays de Loire. Please forward to Gene Harris and anyone else who might be interested. I have a friend who is willing to write a couple of letters in French to the "town halls" of the area.
Baldwin County is only one county over from us. (abt. 40 MILES.) bONNIE

...Bonnie Hearn 
BAIRD Sarah Ellis (I452)
223 (Medical):Severe injuries were received when involved in a head- on collesion near Georgetown, Delaware. POND Richard Lee (I6498)
224 (Medical):She broke her hip at 88 years old and was up and walking within 2 years. GOODRICH Mary (Pinky) Elizabeth (I682)
225 (Medical):She was born prematurely and died of complications associated with the early birth the following day. CLEMENS Kathryn Elaine (I1229)
226 (Medical):She was engaged to be married when she became very ill with a fever. They went on horse back to get a doctor, but she died before they got back. JOHNSON Mary Elizabeth (I11967)
227 (Medical):Squamish cell BOOTH Thaddeus Floyd (I500)
228 (Medical):Stroke FOX William Mansour Miles (I11763)
229 (Medical):Su PROTZMAN James Alfred (I12735)
230 (Medical):Suicide - Carbon Monoxide Gas Poisoning fr. Auto Exhaust:
Grage, 21899 Purnell Rd, Shaker Heights, Oh., in the garage of the home

Undertaker: j. h. Brown & Son, Inc, 8128 Carnegie Av 
RENO Harry Spencer Ludley, Jr. (I2317)
231 (Medical):Tractor at his house ran over him when he fell off. Both the tractor and the disc ran over him COLLIER Arthur Carroll (I2849)
232 (Medical):Walter died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He had been hunting and rested his shotgun against a fence he climbed over and somehow shot himself right in the stomach. We were told he made it all the way to the house before he died in his mother's arms. JONES Walter B. (I12846)
233 (Medical):When Tyler was just seven years old, his mother, Mary, died from a stroke. At the age of 12 he joined the College of William and Mary like his father before him, and later enrolled in the collegiate program of the college. He graduated in 1807 when he was 17 years old.
After that, Tyler studied law, first under the tutelage of his father, then under his cousin, and finally under Edmund Randolph, the first US Attorney General. Tyler was admitted into the Bar in 1809 and, in 1840, became the Vice President under William Henry Harrison. Harrison died after just a month in office which made John Tyler the president. 
ARMISTEAD Mary Marot (I1855)
234 (Medical):While motoring on the Seashoew State Park at Cape Henry. Died in his automobile HARRISON William Franklin (I453)
235 (Medical):Whole body 4th degrees over most of body. Survived 2 weeks. ROBINS Ernest Harwood, Jr.. (I12909)
236 (my grandmother's Aunt, William Franklin Harrison's sister; Adelaide Roberta helped raise my grandmother, Adelaide Nellie; Adelaide Nellie was only 2 when her mother died of TB)... Brenda Johnson Duckwall HARRISON ADELAIDE ROBERTA (I11774)
237 (notes of Mary Wood ancestry.com tree submission)
David Worrick enlisted in Army 29Aug1864 in Owego, Tioga co., NY.
Private in Co. L, 137th Regiment of New York Volunteers. Sent to Ga. and c ontracted Rubeolla. Honorably discharged on 9Jun1865.
Records from Archives: Pension application and paperwork 
WORRICK David (I7398)
238 (obituary, contributed by Phyllis Stroms, niece) William Strunk died at h is home in Portland on Monday at 5 p.m. following a several years illnes s. He was 71 years of age. Mr. Strunk was born at Laural Hill near Portl and and was a son of the late Benjamin Strunk and Jennette Wise Strunk a nd spent his entire lifetime in this vicinity except a number of years spe nt in Oklahoma. He returned to this vicinity about 20 years ago and a f ew years later built the residence in Portland where he has since reside d. He is survived by his wife and by two sons. Frank of Hartford Conn. a nd Arthur of Easton. One daughter Goldie Strunk of New York City, two bro thers, James Strunk of Portland and John Strunk of Hartford Conn and by fo ur sisters, Mrs. David Miller, and Mrs. E. Fellows Mason of Dunmore, Mr s. Elizabeth Arndts of Pen Argyl and Mrs. Emma Brugler Tunkhannock.
Mr. Strunk was a faithful member of the Portland Presbyterian church.
Census of 1920 Northampton PA Portland
Census of 1910 Northampton PA Ed 124
Census of 1860 Northampton PA Upper Mt. Bethel
Census of 1870 Northampton PA Upper Mt. Bethel page 41 (living with aun t, Anna Smith)
Census of 1880 Monroe PA Smithfield Pg 364
Census of 1900 Orlanda, Logan, Pennsylvania Ed 144 Sheet 4
Cemetery records photo of stone
References..Jeffersonian, Stroudsburg PA 
STRUNK William (I7036)
239 (RN NURSE) SORRELLS Teresa Gale (I1266)
240 (sic) apparently during his children' lifetime, the Von Doverage II, was dropped for just Faison...Gene VON DOVERAGE Henryk Fayson (I12258)
241 (Union Baptist Church) MINNICK Molly Elaine (I3250)
242 *Isle of Wight Book 1, p. 98
NOTE: John Prime made a deposition June 9, 1688 giving his age as 22. (IOW Book 2, p. 280) He apparantly was born in 1665/6 and was 5 or 6 years old when William Ridley's Will was made.
NOTE2: It has been suggested that William RIDLEY was the brother of Elizabeth, the wife of Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM. So far as is known, his Will is the basis for this assumption, and even though no proof has been found, several genealogists have concluded that Elizabeth was the daughter of PETER RIDLEY and the sister of WILLIAM RIDLEY.
Charles Barham Jr., of Charlottesville, Virginia was searching for his ancestors and in 1958, made an abstract copy of all official records that he had found in his research. He was not completely convinced that Elizabeth's father was a RIDLEY.
Robert Young Barham published a book on his family heritage in 1963. He traces his family back to the youngest son of Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM. He stated in that publication that Elizabeth was probably the daughter of PETER RIDLEY.
An abstract of the Will of William RIDLEY has been given. It tends to prove that there was a relationship between him and the family of Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM. Though he names Capt. BARHAM as the Executor of his estate and leaves bequests to the two daughters of Charles (1) BARHAM, he does not denote any relationship.
Though not named in the records along with Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM, it is more than likely that there was a definite relationship between the TUKE family and the BARHAM family. William TUKE was the son of James TUKE, who came to Virginia in 1621 in the "GEORGE". James TUKE also had a son, Thomas TUKE, who was named as overseer of William RIDLEY'S Will. Charles (1) BARHAM'S great, great grandmother was Mary TUKE, before her marriage to Sir Reginald SCOTT. Mary TUKE was the daughter of Sir Bryan TUKE, secretary to Cardinal Wolsey. 
RIDLEY Elizabeth (I5505)
243 *Surry Book 1, p. 168
1663/4, February 22 - Know all men by these presence that I, Thomas Smith, yeoman, of the Prish of Dorson in the County of Hereford in the Realme of England, Attorney of Richard James, yeoman and Margery, his wife of the Prish of Cossopin (?) In the ffore sd County and Richard Watkins, yeoman and Jane, his wife of the Prish of Dorson in the ffore sd County and John Meredith of the Prish in Whitton in the County of Radnor and Mary his wife, have given, granted, bargained, sould, assigned, consigned, inffeoft, alinated and sett over to Mr CHARLES BARHAM, Gent. Of the Prish of Lawnes Creek in the County of Surry in Virginia, one tract of devidend of land which were fformerly John Medmores of the ffore sd Prish of Lawnes Creek, deceased. Containing three hundred acres or there abouts given by will by the ffore sd Medmore unto the ffore sd Margery, Jane and Mary the naturall and surviving sisters of the ffore sd Medmore lying and being in Hog Island Maine and bounded as by the patten assigned by vertue of this deed will appear with all the houses, orchards or edifices thereon or there unto belonging that do properly belong the ffore sd sisters. And by these presents do give, grant, bargain, erly, sell, assign, consign, alinate, inffeoffe and sett over unto the ffore sd Mr. CHARLES BARHAM, his heirs, Excers; Asmers; or assigns ffor ever. And further I the ffore sd Tho: Smith doe by these presents bind my selfe, my heirs, Exces; Admres; and assigns that the sd Mr. BARHAM his heirs, Excex; Admes and assigns shall peacably and quitly posses and injoy have hould and occupy all the ffore sd tract of land with the appurtines andd stocke there to belonging or thereon, withoute the lett trouble mollestation or evicktion of him the sd Tho: or the fforenamed sisters or any other by his or theirs prcuremt. Always provided that the sd Mr. BARHAM shall prforme unto the tennent now upon the sd land his lease ffor itts ffull tearme to come. And ffurthermore I the ffore sd Tho: Smith upon the receipt of sixty three pds sterling ffor ech money and the sd BARHAM hath past bills of Exchange upon his brother Mr. RICH: BARHAM of London I therefore doe bind myselfe, execs, admres and assigns a ffull confirmation of this deed under the hands and seales of the ffore named sisters or the survivors of them and theire husbands. And alsoe that they shall impower an Attorney to acknowledge the same ffor them in Surry County Court the next return of shiping to Virginia. In Wittnes Whereof I the ffore sd Thomas Smith doe obleig my selfe to acknowledge in the next Courte held in Course ffor the County of Surry and ffor the prformance hereof I have here unto sett my hand and seale the twenty second day of ffefry; And the sixteenth yeare of the Reigne of our Sov Lord the King and in the yeare of our Lord 1663.
Subsigned, Sealed and Delivered Signett of Seale
Will Cockerham Thomas Smith Red wax
Signett of (Mark)
Andrew Robinson
David Williams 
BARHAM Captain Charles (I5504)
244 *Surry Book 1, p. 228
1663/4, February 25 - I, Thomas Smith, Atty, for the surviving sisters of John Medmore late of the Prish of Lawnes Creek in Surry County, Va. Have given Mr. CHARLES BARHAM possession of the house and land, 300 acres, given his sisters after the decease of his children, by his will doth appear.
Witnesses: Wm. Cockerham, Thos. Clary 
BARHAM Captain Charles (I5504)
245 *Surry Book 2. P. 20
1673, April 27 - Inquisition before CAPTAIN CHARLES BARHAM, High Sheriff, to determine value of land formerly in possession of Rich. Blunt. 
BARHAM Captain Charles (I5504)
246 *Surry Order Book 1691/1713, p. 105
Note: Did Robert HART marry Priscilla BARHAM, daughter of Capt. Charles BARHAM and sister to Robert? Robert HART became a tithable in 1683, so was born in 1666/7. Priscilla BARHAM was mentioned in Will of Wm. Ridley, dated 1671. Robert Hart's Will, probated in 1720, makes bequests to wife, Priscilla. Did Elizabeth BARHAM, daughter of Capt. Charles BARHAM, and sister to Priscilla and Robert, marry Thomas Binns? Thomas Binns became a tithable in 1675, born, then in 1658/9 - died without a Will in 1699.
1696, June 10 - Tithe List
Robert Hart, Robert BARHAM - 02
Note: List taken by ? 
Family F2032
247 *Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 108
1697/8, January 4 - Robert BARHAM petitions the Court saying he is very near of full age and desires the benefit of his labour. Robert Hart with whom Barham was placed, present and consenting. 
BARHAM Robert (I5482)
248 *Surry W&D Book 1709/15, p. 105
1714, May 11 - Will of John Clarke Probated
Item: I will that my daughter and her husband keep the Plantation they now live on during their naturall life and after their decease I give it to my grandson, John BARHAM and the heirs of his body forever and for want of such heirs I give it to my granddaughter, Elizabeth BARHAM and the heirs of her body.
Item:: I will that my grandson, Robert BARHAM, have my Plantation and all the land belonging to it which I bought of James Briggs for him and the heirs of his body forever and for want of such heirs to my granddaughter Mary and the heirs of her body forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my grandson Charles BARHAM my gun.
Item: I give to my daughter Elizabeth BARHAM, my gray horse, Turk.
Item: I give to Edward Harris my Simeter and belt.
Item: I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of my personall Estate to Mary, my well beloved wife and do appoint her whole and sole Executor of this, my last Will and Testament and I doe hereby revoak, disanul and make void all form and Wills by me made heretofore. In witness whereof I hereunto sett my hand and seal the 2nd day of October, 1711.
Test: Tho. Lane John Clark Sealed with a
Wm. Holt Segum Wafer
At a Court held at Southwark for the County of Surry, May 15, 1717 the within mentioned Will of John Clark, dec'd, was presented in Court by Mary Clark, Exec. Thereof who made oath thereto and being proved by the oath of Thos. Lane and William Holt, witnesses thereto the same ordered be recorded and is recorded by; Jno. Allen, CL. CT.
Note: John Clarke, whose daughter Elizabeth married Robert BARHAM was born in 1652. He was son of Richard Clarke and wife ............ . On May 6, 1673, John Clarke receipted Wm. Newsum for the estate left him by his father, Richard Clarke. *Surry Book 2, p. 26.
The Tithe lists for 1700/01/02 list him between Robert BARHAM and Wm. Holt. In his excellent article on the "Newsom Family", Va. Magazine of History Vol. XLVII, and succeeding issues, Dr. B.C. Holtzclaw, the author, states that "John Clark's wife, Mary, was probably identical with Mary Flake, etc." This is an error in that Mary Flake married another John Clark. This latter John Clark leased land from Dorothy Meddows, Widow, in 1663. 
CLARK John (I5484)
249 -----------------------------------------------------------
1930 CENSUS, ED # 10; Waverly, Sussex Co., VA
Ancestry.com - Roll: 2461; Page: 11A; Image: 555 - # 21 of 26

Indexed: Romeo J Westbrook [Romea J Westbrook]
Indexed: Marie B Westbrook

201 / 206
25. WESTBROOK, Maitland O., Head, m, w, 38, Age @ 1st marriage 23, VA, VA, VA, Farmer, General Farm
26. ___, Ruth H., Wife, f, w, 38, Age @ 1st marriage 23, VA, VA, VA, None
27. ___, Meryl O., Dau., f, w, 12, S, VA, VA, VA, None
28. ___, Maitland O., Son, m, w, 6, S, VA, VA, VA, None

204 / 209
36. WESTBROOK, Romeo J., 36, Age @ 1st marriage ; VA, VA, VA, Famer, General Farm
37. ___, Marie B., Wife, f, w, 29, Age @ 1st marriage ; VA, VA, VA, None

Line 25. Mailtand O. Westbrook s/o Joseph Percy Westbrook & Otelia Florence James
brother of Line 36. Romeo Jackson Westbrook
Line 26. Ruth Mary Hansford

Line 36. Romeo Jackson Westbrook s/o Joseph Percy Westbrook & Otelia Florence James,
brother of Line 25. Maitland Ollie Westbrook
Line 37. Marie B. (maiden name unknown) 
WESTBROOK Romeo Jackson (I2828)
250 ------------------------------------------------------------
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Romeo Jackson Westbrook
County: Surry
State: Virginia
Birthplace: Virginia
Birth Date: 13 Apr 1894
Race: Caucasian (White)
FHL Roll Number: 1991280
* Single *
Occuption: Farming 
WESTBROOK Romeo Jackson (I2828)

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