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First/Given Name(s):


Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary)



Latitude: 37.2274238888889, Longitude: -76.970215


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAIRD Marion Simms, Sr.  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I2832
2 BAIRD Mary Florence  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I7517
3 BARNES Elnora Epes  6 Jul 1950Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I5403
4 BARNES Ervin Wheeler  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I7103
5 BARNES Ethal Mae  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I7117
6 BARNES Wellington Edward  Oct 1945Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I7107
7 BARRETT Mary Louise  8 Mar 1942Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I502
8 BAUGH Alice  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I4806
9 BAUGH Horace Ramey  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I7523
10 BAUGH Nannie Proctor  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I2857
11 BELDING Lora Starks  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I4802
12 BELDING Orville Delbert  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I4815
13 BOOTH Hiram  May 1934Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I402
14 BOOTH Hiram A.  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I692
15 BOOTH Infant  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I9762
16 BOOTH Orbrey Clyde, Sr.  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I5344
17 BOOTH Orbrey Clyde, Jr.  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I5345
18 DEVERELL Eva Susie  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I4816
19 GWALTNEY Audrey Mae  3 Dec 1991Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I5343
20 GWALTNEY Walter A., Sr.  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I5347
21 GWALTNEY Walter Llamont  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I4801
22 KECK Malinda Arvilla  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I5448
23 MCCOY Martha  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I762
24 PETERSON Mary Amanda Thweatt  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I5401
25 RINKER Oscar Abram  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I862
26 ROGERS William Samuel  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I4190
27 SHIFFER J. Rudolph  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I7118
28 SMITH Rebecca Louise  Jul 1952Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I7121
29 TOPPING Laura Ackerman  Claremont, VA (St. Anne's Cemetary) I9763