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Guilford, Surry, Virginia


Tree: Booth Family
Latitude: 37.3904991666667, Longitude: -76.7842177777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAUGH Benjamin Edwards, Sr.  1920Guilford, Surry, Virginia I7135 Booth Family 
2 BAUGH Benjamin Edwards, Sr.  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I7135 Booth Family 
3 BAUGH Benjamin Erwards, Jr.  1920Guilford, Surry, Virginia I7527 Booth Family 
4 BAUGH Benjamin Erwards, Jr.  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I7527 Booth Family 
5 BAUGH William Wellington  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I7528 Booth Family 
6 BAUGH William Wesley  1920Guilford, Surry, Virginia I7520 Booth Family 
7 BISHOP Lenious Thomas  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I455 Booth Family 
8 BISHOP William (Willie)  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I629 Booth Family 
9 BOOTH David Samuel  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I3481 Booth Family 
10 BOOTH Joseph(John) W.  1880Guilford, Surry, Virginia I3180 Booth Family 
11 BOOTH Thaddeus Clyde  1900Guilford, Surry, Virginia I713 Booth Family 
12 BOOTH Thaddeus Clyde  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I713 Booth Family 
13 BOOTH Thaddeus Floyd  1880Guilford, Surry, Virginia I500 Booth Family 
14 CLARY Thomas Lafayette  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I5745 Booth Family 
15 CLARY William Thomas  1900Guilford, Surry, Virginia I5454 Booth Family 
16 CLARY William Thomas  1920Guilford, Surry, Virginia I5454 Booth Family 
17 COX Charles Lumsden  1900Guilford, Surry, Virginia I10640 Booth Family 
18 COX Claude M.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I10653 Booth Family 
19 COX Claude W.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I11725 Booth Family 
20 COX Harry Lee  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I8810 Booth Family 
21 COX Hellen M.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I11730 Booth Family 
22 COX Irene S.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I11728 Booth Family 
23 COX Leenett  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I11729 Booth Family 
24 COX Mable M.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I11726 Booth Family 
25 COX Raymond S.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I11727 Booth Family 
26 GOODRICH Anna Rebenna  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I690 Booth Family 
27 GOODRICH Benjamin B.(Briggs ?)  1880Guilford, Surry, Virginia I482 Booth Family 
28 GOODRICH Benjamin Taylor, Sr.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I484 Booth Family 
29 GOODRICH Claudia Leathie  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I630 Booth Family 
30 GOODRICH Jefferson Davis  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I632 Booth Family 
31 GOODRICH Millard Fillmore  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I497 Booth Family 
32 GOODRICH Myrtie Florence  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I892 Booth Family 
33 GOODRICH Ruth Harrison  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I889 Booth Family 
34 GOODRICH Stella Gertrude  1920Guilford, Surry, Virginia I676 Booth Family 
35 GOODRICH Willie Benjamin, Sr.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I853 Booth Family 
36 GWALTNEY Audrey Mae  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I5343 Booth Family 
37 GWALTNEY Charles Cox  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I5333 Booth Family 
38 GWALTNEY Joseph B.  1880Guilford, Surry, Virginia I356 Booth Family 
39 HARRISON "Nellie" Cornelia Adelaide  1900Guilford, Surry, Virginia I2909 Booth Family 
40 HARRISON "Nellie" Cornelia Adelaide  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I2909 Booth Family 
41 HARRISON Robert A.  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I1087 Booth Family 
42 HARRISON William Franklin  1880Guilford, Surry, Virginia I453 Booth Family 
43 HITE Cleveland Alvin  1920Guilford, Surry, Virginia I934 Booth Family 
44 HITE Jeff Thomas, Sr.  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I925 Booth Family 
45 HITE Jessie Merle  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I966 Booth Family 
46 HITE Monroe "Junius" Cleveland, Sr.  1900Guilford, Surry, Virginia I479 Booth Family 
47 HITE Monroe Cleveland, Jr.  1900Guilford, Surry, Virginia I675 Booth Family 
48 HITE Monroe Cleveland, Jr.  1920Guilford, Surry, Virginia I675 Booth Family 
49 HITE Monroe Cleveland, Jr.  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I675 Booth Family 
50 JAMES Dr. Richard Henry  1880Guilford, Surry, Virginia I322 Booth Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOOTH Joseph(John) W.  1880Guilford, Surry, Virginia I3180 Booth Family 
2 COX Claude M.  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I10653 Booth Family 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 HORNE Effie  1910Guilford, Surry, Virginia I571 Booth Family 
2 HORNE Effie  1930Guilford, Surry, Virginia I571 Booth Family 
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