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First/Given Name(s):


Hamilton, Tennessee, USA



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARPER Harriet Angeline  8 Feb 1854Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I7969
2 CARPER James F  1874Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8489
3 CARPER Lucy E  1870Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8486
4 CARPER Margaret D  1872Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8487
5 CARPER Margaret Mahaley  23 Jul 1846Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I7967
6 CARPER Mary S  1875Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8490
7 CARPER Nancy C  1876Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8488
8 CARPER Sarah Jane  11 Jul 1842Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I7965
9 CARPER William Alexander  10 Oct 1851Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I7968
10 HICKS Sarah Ellen  3 Nov 1847Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8628
11 J.SPICER Sarah  2 Jun 1840Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I7961
12 SHELTON Ginny  21 Apr 1862Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8520
13 SHELTON Jessie Ida  27 Jan 1875Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8504
14 SHELTON Martha  16 Apr 1855Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8515
15 SHELTON Mary Ellen  23 Oct 1869Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8503
16 SHELTON McKinley  13 Feb 1864Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8519
17 SHELTON Nancy  25 Jul 1869Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8518
18 SHELTON Sarah  16 Jan 1861Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8517
19 SHELTON Tennessee  18 Sep 1866Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8521
20 SPICER Benjamin Franklin  6 Jul 1842Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I7962
21 STANDEFER George Washington  9 Feb 1844Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8070
22 STANDEFER Samuel J.  2 May 1845Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8614
23 STANDEFER Thomas  1867Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8476
24 STANDEFER Uriah  1865Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8475
25 STANDIFER Cinthia Virginia  7 Sep 1850Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8076
26 STANDIFER Mary E.  1860Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8474
27 STANDIFER Nancy Jane  30 Jul 1840Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8057
28 STANDIFER Thomas Roger  14 Feb 1853Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8079
29 SURGINE Mahaley Nancy  30 Oct 1833Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8453
30 WALKER John W.  19 Oct 1858Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8243
31 WALKER Mary Frieda  5 Sep 1860Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8245
32 WALKER Nancy Jane  3 Nov 1854Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I7923
33 WALKER Vashti  23 May 1863Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8242
34 WALKER Willie Rachel  16 Feb 1856Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8246
35 WALKER Zilpha  26 Mar 1857Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8244


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ECHOLS Nancy  28 Feb 1864Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8615
2 MOORE Mary Betty  10 Jan 1894Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8064
3 STANDIFER James K. P.  1 Aug 1887Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8073
4 STANDIFER Jeremiah  14 Jan 1881Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8067
5 STANDIFER Lee Roy  12 Jun 1862Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8068
6 STANDIFER Leroy  17 Nov 1891Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8616
7 STANDIFER Martha J.  3 Apr 1883Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8078
8 STANDIFER Mary E.  24 Oct 1886Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8474
9 STANDIFER Rachel A.  1910Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8074
10 STANDIFER Roy  11 Jan 1909Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8477
11 STANDIFER Thomas Roger  25 Feb 1940Hamilton, Tennessee, USA I8079


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WALKER / STANDIFER  1854Hamilton, Tennessee, USA F2835