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First/Given Name(s):


Richmond, Virginia, USA



Latitude: 37.5405571666667, Longitude: -77.4334447222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAILEY Cynthia Lee  11 Aug 1950Richmond, Virginia, USA I1168
2 BAILEY Ethel Marie  30 Mar 1947Richmond, Virginia, USA I1036
3 BAILEY Rachel Annette  19 Sep 1946Richmond, Virginia, USA I1038
4 BEDWELL Mary  1650Richmond, Virginia, USA I9389
5 BLANKENSHIP Jesse Stewart  30 Jul 2006Richmond, Virginia, USA I2245
6 BLANKENSHIP Julie Chappell  27 Jun 2009Richmond, Virginia, USA I9204
7 BLANKENSHIP Mary Catharine  10 Oct 1977Richmond, Virginia, USA I11332
8 BOWYER Charles Phillip  7 Apr 1966Richmond, Virginia, USA I4752
9 BOWYER Christopher Scott  17 Feb 1971Richmond, Virginia, USA I4753
10 BOWYER Gregory Michael  5 Mar 1963Richmond, Virginia, USA I4750
11 BOWYER Howard E., Jr.  25 Jan 1955Richmond, Virginia, USA I4748
12 BOWYER Jeffrey Brian  28 Jan 1959Richmond, Virginia, USA I4749
13 BOWYER John Marion  11 May 1964Richmond, Virginia, USA I4751
14 BOWYER Melissa Starr  4 Oct 1990Richmond, Virginia, USA I4764
15 BURNHAM Alice Louise  20 Mar 1953Richmond, Virginia, USA I1312
16 BUSCH Annabel Evelyn  Richmond, Virginia, USA I12747
17 CHALKLEY James C.  17 Nov 1939Richmond, Virginia, USA I4721
18 CHASE Brandon Cole  7 Oct 1991Richmond, Virginia, USA I4762
19 COOMBS Sherri Kaye  27 Oct 1972Richmond, Virginia, USA I5175
20 CROWDER Barbara Jane  5 Oct 1955Richmond, Virginia, USA I4760
21 DAY Robert Warren  23 Mar 1927Richmond, Virginia, USA I6754
22 DODSON Charles  1696Richmond, Virginia, USA I9541
23 EBERWIEN David Bryant  7 Sep 1967Richmond, Virginia, USA I1307
24 EBERWIEN Timothy Earl  1 Dec 1969Richmond, Virginia, USA I1310
25 EDWARDS Amy Norwood  3 Aug 1959Richmond, Virginia, USA I5358
26 ELLIS Bolling Hatch  18 Jan 1912Richmond, Virginia, USA I11417
27 ELLIS Charles T., Jr.  Dec 1939Richmond, Virginia, USA I4720
28 ELLIS Cole Edward  29 Nov 1967Richmond, Virginia, USA I4724
29 ELLIS Jerrine Blanton  19 Dec 1951Richmond, Virginia, USA I4726
30 ELLIS John William, Jr.  22 Oct 1913Richmond, Virginia, USA I11419
31 ELLIS Mary Allison  27 Sep 1995Richmond, Virginia, USA I4761
32 ELLIS Nathan  20 Dec 1992Richmond, Virginia, USA I4758
33 ELLIS Victoria  14 Aug 1995Richmond, Virginia, USA I4759
34 EVANS Carroll Benjamin  16 Jul 1934Richmond, Virginia, USA I4717
35 EVANS Charles Garland  3 May 1933Richmond, Virginia, USA I4716
36 EVANS Claude Lee  20 Nov 1943Richmond, Virginia, USA I4719
37 FETTY Ashlyn Rose  9 Dec 2004Richmond, Virginia, USA I11341
38 FETTY Rylan Lee  8 Feb 2007Richmond, Virginia, USA I11340
39 FISCHER Patrick Bradshaw  24 May 1974Richmond, Virginia, USA I3809
40 FISCHER Paul Frank  8 May 1959Richmond, Virginia, USA I4742
41 FISCHER Robert L, Jr.  26 Dec 1954Richmond, Virginia, USA I4741
42 GOODRICH Jean M.  4 May 1927Richmond, Virginia, USA I1147
43 GOODRICH Megan Nicole  31 Mar 1981Richmond, Virginia, USA I2883
44 GWALTNEY Orville Lee, III  19 Dec 1974Richmond, Virginia, USA I1274
45 HAMPTON Joshua John  15 Sep 1829Richmond, Virginia, USA I5673
46 HARRIS Claiborne Ernest  2 Apr 1907Richmond, Virginia, USA I975
47 HARRIS Edwin H  Feb 1884Richmond, Virginia, USA I11793
48 HARRIS Elsie Viola  12 Apr 1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I801
49 HARRIS Lillian Ruth  16 Jul 1889Richmond, Virginia, USA I9141
50 HARRIS William Henry, Jr.  9 Jan 1917Richmond, Virginia, USA I7489

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 QUINN September Dawn  Richmond, Virginia, USA I1175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAIN John Franklin  28 Mar 1982Richmond, Virginia, USA I6715
2 BARHAM Issac Lloyd  2 Jan 1982Richmond, Virginia, USA I3345
3 Captain BARNES Ervin Edmunds  8 Oct 1957Richmond, Virginia, USA I7119
4 BETTS Grace  30 Oct 1998Richmond, Virginia, USA I3851
5 BISHOP Arthur Leon  15 Feb 1996Richmond, Virginia, USA I4681
6 BISHOP Herbert Dudley, Sr.  7 Jul 1960Richmond, Virginia, USA I10446
7 BLANKENSHIP Robert Luther  7 Sep 1987Richmond, Virginia, USA I11335
8 BOWYER Howard E., Jr.  25 Mar 1973Richmond, Virginia, USA I4748
9 BURRESS James Henry  13 Feb 1971Richmond, Virginia, USA I6925
10 CHAPPELL Charlotte Hamilton  13 Feb 1991Richmond, Virginia, USA I9093
11 CHAPPELL Elizabeth  Feb 1966Richmond, Virginia, USA I9095
12 CHENAULT John Wilber  1 May 1938Richmond, Virginia, USA I10896
13 CHRISTIAN Alice Grey  26 Sep 1984Richmond, Virginia, USA I6883
14 CLARY Florence M --LNU--  9 Apr 1955Richmond, Virginia, USA I9505
15 CLOPTON George  Aft 1795Richmond, Virginia, USA I204
16 DAY Robert Warren  26 Jan 1973Richmond, Virginia, USA I6754
17 DODSON Alexander  Abt 1831Richmond, Virginia, USA I9537
18 DODSON Alice "Alecy"  12 Jan 1892Richmond, Virginia, USA I9518
19 DUNCAN Martha Hannah  31 Jul 1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I2157
20 ELLIS Benjamin Wright  3 Nov 1863Richmond, Virginia, USA I12466
21 ELLIS John William, Sr.  5 May 1941Richmond, Virginia, USA I11407
22 FAHR James Frederick, Jr.  Mar 1976Richmond, Virginia, USA I9151
23 FAISON Claudius Algernon  24 Feb 1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I4227
24 FAISON Harry Vivian  19 Jan 1911Richmond, Virginia, USA I12202
25 FERGUSON Paul  2 Sep 2012Richmond, Virginia, USA I11755
26 FORSYTHE Alexander  16 Apr 1940Richmond, Virginia, USA I12722
27 GEISEN Raymond H.  11 Nov 2001Richmond, Virginia, USA I1461
28 GOODE Helen  14 Feb 1994Richmond, Virginia, USA I9455
29 GOODRICH Mary (Pinky) Elizabeth  10 Jun 1976Richmond, Virginia, USA I682
30 HALL William Hemel  25 Aug 1959Richmond, Virginia, USA I9146
31 HAMILTON Charlotte  8 Oct 1946Richmond, Virginia, USA I2159
32 HAMPTON Joshua John  17 Feb 1893Richmond, Virginia, USA I5673
33 HARRIS Lillian Ruth  3 Apr 1947Richmond, Virginia, USA I9141
34 HARRIS William Henry, Sr.  13 Apr 1958Richmond, Virginia, USA I4003
35 HARRISON Alexina Susan  2/161916Richmond, Virginia, USA I12277
36 HAYWOOD Agnes Queen  27 Dec 1955Richmond, Virginia, USA I678
37 HAYWOOD Edith Janette  2 Oct 1918Richmond, Virginia, USA I671
38 HAYWOOD Ramon Garcie  24 Dec 1962Richmond, Virginia, USA I683
39 HAYWOOD William Hilton  25 Mar 1928Richmond, Virginia, USA I475
40 HORNE Evelyn Mae  24 Jan 1994Richmond, Virginia, USA I976
41 HORNE Lula Airy  Jul 1976Richmond, Virginia, USA I814
42 HOWARD Elsie Wyatt  Sep 1909Richmond, Virginia, USA I922
43 HOWARD Thomas H.  10 Aug 1896Richmond, Virginia, USA I11449
44 HUDSON Jasper Earl  12 Aug 1985Richmond, Virginia, USA I12728
45 JOHNSON Jenny Lee  Jan 1970Richmond, Virginia, USA I5413
46 KELLY Elizabeth Isabella "Belle"  22 Jan 1950Richmond, Virginia, USA I10843
47 LESLIE William Clair  14 Jun 1989Richmond, Virginia, USA I11674
48 LEWIS Emmett Gilliam  17 Sep 1986Richmond, Virginia, USA I991
49 LOWE Frederick Wesley  Aug 1962Richmond, Virginia, USA I7611
50 MANLEY Penelope  22 May 1768Richmond, Virginia, USA I8379

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AMICK Eli  1863Richmond, Virginia, USA I5857
2 BAIRD Vertie Cora  Richmond, Virginia, USA I1572
3 BISHOP Iola Estelle  Feb 1974Richmond, Virginia, USA I725
4 BOOTH Sarah  Abt 26 Dec 1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I9497
5 CHAPPELL Martha H.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8993
6 CHAPPELL William Edmond  Richmond, Virginia, USA I12131
7 CLARY Alice R.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9501
8 CLARY Annie E.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9498
9 CLARY Binns Walter  Dec 1899Richmond, Virginia, USA I5749
10 CLARY Joseph W.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9496
11 CLARY Myrtie O.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9499
12 CLARY Nell Mae  9 Apr 1966Richmond, Virginia, USA I3994
13 FORSYTH Frank E.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I12725
14 FORSYTHE Alexander  Richmond, Virginia, USA I12722
15 FORSYTHE Christina Kathleen  Richmond, Virginia, USA I12724
16 HARRIS Claiborne Ernest  31 Aug 1968Richmond, Virginia, USA I975
17 HARRIS Samuel A.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9930
18 HARRIS William Henry, Sr.  15 Apr 1958Richmond, Virginia, USA I4003
19 HARRISON Alexina Susan  Richmond, Virginia, USA I12277
20 HORNE Virginia Alice  Richmond, Virginia, USA I433
21 JETER Helen D.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9044
22 JETER Larence Trant  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9046
23 JETER Littleton C.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9048
24 JETER Thomas L.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8991
25 JOHNSON Wilder Lee  Richmond, Virginia, USA I11969
26 LIVESAY Earle  11 Oct 1963Richmond, Virginia, USA I6844
27 MAYNARD Irene catherine  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2563
28 MOLES Mary Florence  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2560
29 RUDD George Bloden  17 Mar 1951Richmond, Virginia, USA I2224
30 SHEFFIELD Curtis Joseph, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2561
31 SHEFFIELD Emmett, Jr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I12654
32 SHEFFIELD Emmitt Henry, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I573
33 SHEFFIELD J. Powhatan Bonaparte  Richmond, Virginia, USA I434
34 SHEFFIELD Lena Ida  Richmond, Virginia, USA I569
35 SHEFFIELD Mary Constance  Richmond, Virginia, USA I12653
36 SHEFFIELD William L.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I572
37 SYDNOR John Mason  Richmond, Virginia, USA I13002
38 President TYLER John, IV  Richmond, Virginia, USA I1857
39 WARREN Herbert Bryant, Sr  Richmond, Virginia, USA I1185
40 WATSON Shirley Mae  Richmond, Virginia, USA I990
41 WEATHERFORD Luiza Allen  Richmond, Virginia, USA I11027

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 SETCHELL William Harrison  Richmond, Virginia, USA I7131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ELLIS Bolling Hatch  1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I11417
2 ELLIS John William, Sr.  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I11407
3 ELLIS John William, Sr.  1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I11407
4 HALL Griffin D., Sr.  1860Richmond, Virginia, USA I9517
5 HARRIS Elsie Viola  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I801
6 HARRIS Elsie Viola  1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I801
7 HARRIS James Ernest, Jr.  1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I734
8 HORNE Evelyn Mae  1940Richmond, Virginia, USA I976
9 HORNE George Landon  1940Richmond, Virginia, USA I873
10 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
11 HOWARD Thomas H.  1880Richmond, Virginia, USA I11449
12 Rev. HOWARD Thomas Linwood  1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I667
13 RUDD Elnora (Ellen)  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I733
14 WRAY Alfred James  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I9927

census 1940

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    census 1940    Person ID 
1 FORSYTHE Alexander  1940Richmond, Virginia, USA I12722

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 HARRIS James Ernest, Jr.  1917Richmond, Virginia, USA I734
2 HARRIS James Ernest, Jr.  1917Richmond, Virginia, USA I734
3 Rev. HOWARD Thomas Linwood  12 Sep 1918Richmond, Virginia, USA I667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 AMICK Charles Newman  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2394
2 BAUGH John Cryer, III  Richmond, Virginia, USA I5460
3 BAUGH William Wellington  Richmond, Virginia, USA I7528
4 BLANKENSHIP Mary Catharine  1995Richmond, Virginia, USA I11332
5 BURROW Susie Chappell  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8855
6 BURROW Waverly Ashton  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8852
7 CLEMENTS Janice Faye  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2686
8 COLLIER Willie N., Sr.  Jun 1927Richmond, Virginia, USA I8806
9 EDWARDS Amy Norwood  1984Richmond, Virginia, USA I5358
10 GOODRICH Willie Benjamin, Jr.  Abt 1953Richmond, Virginia, USA I1072
11 HARRIS Claiborne Ernest  Abt 1924Richmond, Virginia, USA I975
12 HOLDSWORTH Mary Florence  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2691
13 HOLDSWORTH Mary Grace  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2717
14 TURNER Gloria Maxine  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2652
15 WESTBROOK James Samuel  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2827


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 CRABTREE Brenda Gayle  Systems Operationans Analyst IIRichmond, Virginia, USA I1278
2 GWALTNEY Sarah Georgie  Richmond, Virginia, USA I5283
3 HARRIS Iola Elizabeth  1939Richmond, Virginia, USA I2854


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fraternity    Person ID 
1 HOWARD Barbara Joan  1963Richmond, Virginia, USA I1161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Health    Person ID 
1 BLANKENSHIP Jesse Stewart  30 Jul 2006Richmond, Virginia, USA I2245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Illness    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  1999Richmond, Virginia, USA I1

Lived(s) In

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived(s) In    Person ID 
1 BURROW Aubrey Horace, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8848
2 BURROW Aubrey Horace, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8848
3 COX Harry Lee  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8810
4 HORNE George Landon  1940Richmond, Virginia, USA I873
5 HOWARD Rubin Thomas, Jr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I9914
6 HOWARD Rubin Thomas, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I894
7 JAMES Edwin Guy, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8831
8 SHORT David Frank  1959Richmond, Virginia, USA I955
9 STEPHENSON Augustus Graham  1954Richmond, Virginia, USA I5328
10 STEPHENSON Augustus Graham  1955Richmond, Virginia, USA I5328
11 WEATHERFORD Luiza Allen  Richmond, Virginia, USA I11027
12 WRAY William Lawrence  1935-1993Richmond, Virginia, USA I802

Living In

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living In    Person ID 
1 DICKINSON Doris Jean  Richmond, Virginia, USA I11520


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Medical    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  Richmond, Virginia, USA I1
2 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  Mar 2011Richmond, Virginia, USA I1
3 HORNE Evelyn Mae  Abt 1980Richmond, Virginia, USA I976


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  5 Dec 1966Richmond, Virginia, USA I1
2 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  1 Mar 1967Richmond, Virginia, USA I1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 BAIRD Horace Hasty  30 Mar 1945Richmond, Virginia, USA I7519
2 GOODRICH Cecil Hartwell  26 Mar 1943Richmond, Virginia, USA I994
3 WESTBROOK Roland Hite  21 Sep 1943Richmond, Virginia, USA I4627

Military - Draft Card

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military - Draft Card    Person ID 
1 GOODRICH Robert Jerome, Sr.  17 May 1945Richmond, Virginia, USA I7783
2 MAYNARD Lawrence C.  11 Nov 1942Richmond, Virginia, USA I9873


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Nickname    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  1950-2006Richmond, Virginia, USA I1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID 
1 MOORE Alexander Gavin  14 Dec 2006Richmond, Virginia, USA I1712


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BOOTH Oscar Hudson  Richmond, Virginia, USA I715
2 CHAPPELL Phillip Melvin, Jr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I1187
3 GUZA Joseph Frederick  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2746
4 HARRIS Claiborne Ernest  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I975
5 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  1979Richmond, Virginia, USA I1
6 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  May 2004-2007Richmond, Virginia, USA I1
7 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  2007-2008Richmond, Virginia, USA I1
8 HARRIS James Ernest, Jr.  1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I734
9 HARRIS William Henry, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I4003
10 HORNE Evelyn Mae  Abt 1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I976
11 HORNE Evelyn Mae  25 Aug 1942Richmond, Virginia, USA I976
12 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  1940 (late)Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
13 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  1940Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
14 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  1949Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
15 Rev. HOWARD Thomas Linwood  Richmond, Virginia, USA I667
16 Rev. HOWARD Thomas Linwood  1918Richmond, Virginia, USA I667
17 HUBER Dennis Leon  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2723
18 JETER Margaret W.  1935Richmond, Virginia, USA I9047
19 RUDD Elnora (Ellen)  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I733
20 SHEFFIELD Andrew Herbert, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2550
21 SORRELLS Teresa Gale  7 Jun 2010Richmond, Virginia, USA I1266
22 WEIBERT John Andrew  1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I568
23 WEST Mark Thomas  Richmond, Virginia, USA I1276


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Organizations    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Claiborne Ernest  1947Richmond, Virginia, USA I975
2 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  Abt 1955Richmond, Virginia, USA I1
3 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  1960-1965Richmond, Virginia, USA I1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other    Person ID 
1 PHELON Alexis Lea  22 Dec 2007Richmond, Virginia, USA I1402

Physical Description

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Physical Description    Person ID 
1 Rev. HOWARD Thomas Linwood  1918Richmond, Virginia, USA I667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 AMICK Bessie Pearl  Richmond, Virginia, USA I868
2 GOODRICH Clyde Lelon  Richmond, Virginia, USA I5288
3 GWALTNEY Sarah Georgie  Richmond, Virginia, USA I5283
4 HORNE Herbert Calvin, Sr.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I945


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Anna Jessie  Richmond, Virginia, USA I8869
2 CLARY Nell Mae  1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I3994
3 CLEMENTS Pearl Genevieve  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2734
4 COFER Linda Clements  Richmond, Virginia, USA I4216
5 GOODRICH Adam Barkley  Richmond, Virginia, USA I10473
6 GOODRICH Ryan Barkley  2011Richmond, Virginia, USA I10472
7 GUZA James Michael  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2748
8 HARRIS Claiborne Ernest  1934Richmond, Virginia, USA I975
9 HARRIS Claiborne Ernest  1964Richmond, Virginia, USA I975
10 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  1955-1966Richmond, Virginia, USA I1
11 HARRIS James Ernest, Jr.  1942Richmond, Virginia, USA I734
12 HARRIS William Henry, Sr.  1917Richmond, Virginia, USA I4003
13 HARRIS William Henry, Sr.  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I4003
14 HARRIS William Henry, Sr.  1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I4003
15 HARRIS William Henry, Sr.  1942Richmond, Virginia, USA I4003
16 HORNE Evelyn Mae  1955-1985Richmond, Virginia, USA I976
17 HORNE Mary Virginia  Richmond, Virginia, USA I929
18 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
19 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
20 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
21 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
22 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
23 HOWARD Samuel Linwood  1946Richmond, Virginia, USA I928
24 Rev. HOWARD Thomas Linwood  12 Sep 1918Richmond, Virginia, USA I667
25 LOWE Helen E  1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I7613
26 REIBSAMEN Virginia Holdsworth  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2700
27 RUDD Elnora (Ellen)  1964Richmond, Virginia, USA I733
28 WARREN Herbert Lee  1946Richmond, Virginia, USA I11675
29 YOUNG W. L.  Richmond, Virginia, USA I3488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Retired    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Eugene "Gene" Clay  1 Apr 2004Richmond, Virginia, USA I1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Claiborne Ernest  Richmond, Virginia, USA I975

Work Location

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Work Location    Person ID 
1 HOLDSWORTH Charlotte Augusta  Richmond, Virginia, USA I2692


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAIRD / BAILEY  29 Dec 1911Richmond, Virginia, USA F749
2 BOWYER / JACKSON  23 May 1989Richmond, Virginia, USA F1470
3 CHAPPELL / HARRIS  23 Nov 1910Richmond, Virginia, USA F3049
4 CHAPPELL / HITE  30 Jan 1941Richmond, Virginia, USA F345
5 DYE / MACKMELLION  17 Aug 1719Richmond, Virginia, USA F3690
6 EBERWIEN / HOWARD  22 Jun 1964Richmond, Virginia, USA F413
7 ELLIS / NUN  12 Jan 1991Richmond, Virginia, USA F1473
8 GWALTNEY / MAYNARD  22 Jun 1939Richmond, Virginia, USA F3351
9 HALL / CHAPPELL  3 Feb 1923Richmond, Virginia, USA F3052
10 HAMILTON / CHAPPELL  14 Jun 1916Richmond, Virginia, USA F3034
11 HAMPTON / MINSON  Abt 1851Richmond, Virginia, USA F2096
12 HARRIS / HORNE  7 Feb 1942Richmond, Virginia, USA F351
13 HARRIS / RUDD  16 Nov 1906Richmond, Virginia, USA F268
14 HAYWOOD / HAMPTON  8 Nov 1876Richmond, Virginia, USA F174
15 HORNER / HOPKINS  Richmond, Virginia, USA F304
16 JOHNSON / PHILIPP  23 May 1998Richmond, Virginia, USA F1265
17 KOCH / CHAPPELL  26 DecRichmond, Virginia, USA F3051
18 LAMBERT / COOMBS  23 Sep 2006Richmond, Virginia, USA F2752
19 MCCLURE / BARNES  14 Sep 2002Richmond, Virginia, USA F1674
20 NEWMAN / DYE  3 Feb 1746Richmond, Virginia, USA F3671
21 NEWMAN / GANDEE  14 Jan 1961Richmond, Virginia, USA F3780
22 ROLLINGS / HATCHER  Feb 29th , 2012Richmond, Virginia, USA F3881
23 WESTBROOK / HITE  24 Dec 1913Richmond, Virginia, USA F1710
24 WRAY / HARRIS  26 Oct 1935Richmond, Virginia, USA F288

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 SETCHELL / STRUNK- BARNES  18 Mar 1908Richmond, Virginia, USA F2525


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 EBERWIEN / HOWARD  31 Oct 2002Richmond, Virginia, USA F413
2 HARRIS / HORNE  1948Richmond, Virginia, USA F351