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First/Given Name(s):


Southampton County, VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAILEY Anne  Abt 1720Southampton County, VA I109
2 BAILEY Barnaby  Bef 1724Southampton County, VA I166
3 BAILEY John  Bef 1739Southampton County, VA I164
4 BAILEY Lucy  Bef 1725Southampton County, VA I167
5 BAILEY Mary  Bef 1757Southampton County, VA I165
6 BARRETT Benjamin  22 Jun 1844Southampton County, VA I1550
7 BLOW Celia  Southampton County, VA I273
8 BLOW John  27 Sep 1747Southampton County, VA I199
9 BOOTH Aaron  Abt 1751Southampton County, VA I174
10 BOOTH Alexander  4 Oct 1779Southampton County, VA I284
11 BOOTH Ann Rebecca  Abt 1755Southampton County, VA I173
12 BOOTH Arthur, Jr.  Abt 1751Southampton County, VA I180
13 BOOTH Elizabeth Sykes  13 Sep 1792Southampton County, VA I245
14 BOOTH Fannie  1794Southampton County, VA I1991
15 BOOTH James  Abt 1741Southampton County, VA I194
16 BOOTH James  18 May 1798Southampton County, VA I244
17 BOOTH John  Abt 1778Southampton County, VA I232
18 BOOTH Lewis  Abt 1772Southampton County, VA I242
19 BOOTH Lucy  Abt 1747Southampton County, VA I198
20 BOOTH Malinda  Jan 1798Southampton County, VA I1993
21 BOOTH Martha  Abt 1753Southampton County, VA I179
22 BOOTH Martha  Abt 1776Southampton County, VA I233
23 BOOTH Michael  Abt 1745Southampton County, VA I183
24 BOOTH Samuel  1796Southampton County, VA I2001
25 BOOTH Sarah  Abt 1749Southampton County, VA I182
26 BOOTH Thomas  Abt 1675Southampton County, VA I59
27 BOOTH William  Abt 1635Southampton County, VA I19
28 BULLS Hattie Mae  4 Feb 1901Southampton County, VA I4317
29 CALTHORPE Elinor Clifton  Aft 8 Nov 1756Southampton County, VA I1491
30 GOODRICH Edith Mae  7 Dec 1919Southampton County, VA I1545
31 LAINE Matthew Augustus Reynolds  4 Mar 1880Southampton County, VA I806
32 LAMB Barbara Ann  29 Dec 1936Southampton County, VA I6158
33 MORRIS Dianna  Abt 1753Southampton County, VA I172
34 MUNFORD Violet  8 Feb 1912Southampton County, VA I6114
35 POND Anna  31 Mar 1802Southampton County, VA I1495
36 POND Calthorpe  17 Jul 1789Southampton County, VA I1496
37 POND Eleanor C.  14 Dec 1797Southampton County, VA I1494
38 POND James Walter  25 May 1820Southampton County, VA I1485
39 POND John Hawkins  15 Jul 1755Southampton County, VA I1490
40 POND John Hawkins  4 Oct 1824Southampton County, VA I1487
41 POND Louisa Ann  19 Mar 1817Southampton County, VA I1484
42 POND Martha Carline  1 Sep 1822Southampton County, VA I1486
43 POND Mary Jane  13 Dec 1826Southampton County, VA I459
44 POND Nicholas Y. Calthorpe  26 Oct 1831Southampton County, VA I1489
45 POND Patrick  29 Mar 1783Southampton County, VA I1492
46 POND Peter  7 Feb 1786Southampton County, VA I1493
47 POND Richard, Jr.  Abt 1758Southampton County, VA I1501
48 POND Thomas Clifton Calthorpe  27 Apr 1829Southampton County, VA I1488
49 UNDERWOOD Margaret  Bef 1640Southampton County, VA I25
50 WILLIAMS Joseph Julian Junious  Southampton County, VA I3915

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAILEY Anne  Bef 15 Apr 1769Southampton County, VA I109
2 BAILEY William  Dec 1772Southampton County, VA I73
3 BARHAM Benjamin  1797Southampton County, VA I5501
4 BARHAM J. H.  1872Southampton County, VA I1735
5 BARHAM Robert  14 Aug 1760Southampton County, VA I5482
6 BLOW John  1797Southampton County, VA I199
7 BOOTH Arthur, Sr.  14 Apr 1769Southampton County, VA I110
8 BOOTH Lucy  Bef 1810Southampton County, VA I198
9 BOOTH Lucy Ann  15 Mar 1893Southampton County, VA I1786
10 BOOTH Shelly  Sep 1771Southampton County, VA I105
11 CALTHORPE Elinor Clifton  12 Jan 1807Southampton County, VA I1491
12 ELLIS Sarah (Sally)  24 Oct 1861Southampton County, VA I291
13 HAWKINS Martha  Abt 1777Southampton County, VA I1498
14 HOLT Thomas  27 Nov 1901Southampton County, VA I1533
15 HOWELL Sarah  12 Mar 1774Southampton County, VA I74
16 POND Daniel  10 Dec 1785Southampton County, VA I1515
17 POND John Hawkins  14 Mar 1835Southampton County, VA I1490
18 SHELLY Sarah  Abt 1757Southampton County, VA I78
19 WARREN Hannah Inman  31 Jul 1856Southampton County, VA I1825

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 BOOTH Ann Rebecca  Abt 1750Southampton County, VA I173
2 BOOTH Samuel  Abt 1769Southampton County, VA I2001

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 BOOTH Lewis  1855Southampton County, VA I242
2 BOOTH Moses  1794Southampton County, VA I171
3 BOOTH Moses  5 Aug 1794Southampton County, VA I102


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court    Person ID 
1 BOOTH Moses  1771Southampton County, VA I171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 BOOTH Beverly  Oct 1776Southampton County, VA I211


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DREWRY Dr. Emmett A.  Southampton County, VA I3492

Virginia Tax List

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Virginia Tax List    Person ID 
1 BOOTH Moses  1782Southampton County, VA I171


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNES / BLOW  10 Jan 1793Southampton County, VA F99
2 BLOW / BOOTH  23 Aug 1769Southampton County, VA F80
3 BLOW / JAMES  1829Southampton County, VA F537
4 BOOTH / BAILEY  Abt 1739Southampton County, VA F54
5 BOOTH / BAILEY  9 Dec 1751Southampton County, VA F58
6 BOOTH / BOOTH  1771Southampton County, VA F71
7 BOOTH / JONES  24 Jun 1783Southampton County, VA F69
8 BOOTH / MORRIS  1 Jan 1772Southampton County, VA F70
9 BOOTH / UNDERWOOD  16 Oct 1656Southampton County, VA F17
10 BOOTH / WINDHAM  12 Mar 1792Southampton County, VA F93
11 BRITT / BLOW  26 Feb 1799Southampton County, VA F97
12 HOLMES / BOOTH  17 Jul 1820Southampton County, VA F565
13 HOLT / BRITTLE  30 Jun 1866Southampton County, VA F913
14 POND / BRITTLE  20 Nov 1815Southampton County, VA F133
15 POND / CALTHORPE  5 May 1782Southampton County, VA F491
16 WARREN / BOOTH  2 Nov 1789Southampton County, VA F487
17 WARREN / BOOTH  13 Dec 1789Southampton County, VA F525
18 WARREN / BOOTH  24 Sep 1863Southampton County, VA F584

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 BOOTH / BRANCH  17 Feb 1840Southampton County, VA F589