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First/Given Name(s):


Southampton County, Virginia



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEATON Anna M.  Mar 1870Southampton County, Virginia I6479
2 BEATON Blanche A.  1872Southampton County, Virginia I6480
3 BEATON Jennie C.  1876Southampton County, Virginia I6481
4 BEATON John S.  1867Southampton County, Virginia I6478
5 BEATON Samuel  Between 1859 and 1860Southampton County, Virginia I6476
6 BEATON William M.  Between 1879 and 1880Southampton County, Virginia I6482
7 BEATON Zebekia S.  1866Southampton County, Virginia I6477
8 BRADSHAW George Lafayette  Abt 1869Southampton County, Virginia I6413
9 BRADSHAW Nina Holt  29 Aug 1897Southampton County, Virginia I6414
10 BRANTLEY Dorothy Lorraine  12 May 1907Southampton County, Virginia I6446
11 BRANTLEY Francis K.  31 Aug 1915Southampton County, Virginia I6449
12 BRANTLEY Luther Harris "L. H"  23 Oct 1870Southampton County, Virginia I6439
13 BRANTLEY Madeline F.  25 Jan 1918Southampton County, Virginia I6450
14 BRANTLEY Mildred E.  17 Jul 1905Southampton County, Virginia I6444
15 BRANTLEY Stanley Aurelius  30 Nov 1911Southampton County, Virginia I6448
16 BRANTLEY Walter H.  6 Jul 1897Southampton County, Virginia I6440
17 BRITT John D.  1829Southampton County, Virginia I6471
18 BRITTLE Mollie Elizabeth  4 Dec 1837Southampton County, Virginia I6411
19 CARR Elizabeth A.  Abt 1810Southampton County, Virginia I6469
20 HOLT Aurelius  1842Southampton County, Virginia I6415
21 HOLT Aurelius Walter  1 Jan 1873Southampton County, Virginia I6416
22 HOLT Carrie A.  24 Jan 1871Southampton County, Virginia I6412
23 POND Antonet M.  Between 1835 and 1844Southampton County, Virginia I6475
24 POND Cornelia Agnes  Abt 1834Southampton County, Virginia I6470
25 POND Edney P.  23 Jun 1818Southampton County, Virginia I6793
26 POND Indianna O.  Abt 1832Southampton County, Virginia I6474
27 POND James Henry Hawkins  31 Jan 1803Southampton County, Virginia I6468
28 POND John Hawkins  4 Oct 1824Southampton County, Virginia I6719
29 POND Magnes Walton  Between 1835 and 1837Southampton County, Virginia I6565
30 POND Mary Elizabeth  16 Nov 1842Southampton County, Virginia I6805
31 POND Samuel  Abt 1830Southampton County, Virginia I6473
32 VICK Elizabeth Eleanor (Davis)  22 May 1836Southampton County, Virginia I6716
33 VICK George W.  1832Southampton County, Virginia I6674
34 VICK Jessie Benjamin  9 May 1813Southampton County, Virginia I6792
35 VICKE Charles A.  1866Southampton County, Virginia I6785
36 VICKE George B.  1876Southampton County, Virginia I6788
37 VICKE Guy P.  1872Southampton County, Virginia I6787
38 VICKE Lena M.  1868Southampton County, Virginia I6786
39 VICKE Merrit  1879Southampton County, Virginia I6789
40 VICKE Sidney L.  1863Southampton County, Virginia I6784


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRANTLEY Francis K.  19 Jul 1916Southampton County, Virginia I6449
2 BRANTLEY Luther Harris "L. H"  15 Jun 1927Southampton County, Virginia I6439
3 BRANTLEY Thomas Holt  2 Apr 1985Southampton County, Virginia I6442
4 BRANTLEY Walter H.  7 Sep 1898Southampton County, Virginia I6440
5 BRITTLE Mollie Elizabeth  29 Apr 1903Southampton County, Virginia I6411
6 HAZELETTE Ella Virginia  10 Jan 1999Southampton County, Virginia I6443
7 HOLT Aurelius  2 Dec 1868Southampton County, Virginia I6415
8 HOLT Carrie A.  20 Sep 1898Southampton County, Virginia I6412
9 HOLT Josephine "Josie" Virginia  13 Sep 1938Southampton County, Virginia I580
10 POND Edney P.  24 Jun 1846Southampton County, Virginia I6793


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRADSHAW / HOLT  24 Jan 1896Southampton County, Virginia F2310
2 BRITT / POND  8 Jan 1856Southampton County, Virginia F2338
3 POND / CARR  25 Jul 1829Southampton County, Virginia F2337
4 POND / VICK  27 Jun 1861Southampton County, Virginia F2422
5 VICK / POND  26 Oct 1837Southampton County, Virginia F2441