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First/Given Name(s):


Hanover County, VA



Latitude: 37.7688322222222, Longitude: -77.371095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG Nancy  Abt 1757Hanover County, VA I7713
2 BLAIR Mary  1739Hanover County, VA I10098
3 GILES Mary  1675Hanover County, VA I11791
4 HARRIS Elizabeth C.  1866Hanover County, VA I9929
5 HARRIS James Ernest, Jr.  9 Jun 1882Hanover County, VA I734
6 HARRIS John W.  Cal 1871Hanover County, VA I9931
7 HARRIS Louisa W.  Cal 1873Hanover County, VA I9932
8 HARRIS Mildred A.  19 Aug 1874Hanover County, VA I9933
9 HARRIS Samuel A.  Cal 1869Hanover County, VA I9930
10 HOLT Jane  1724Hanover County, VA I10211
11 HOLT John  1721Hanover County, VA I10214
12 HOLT William  Hanover County, VA I10213
13 JACKSON Charles  1745Hanover County, VA I6853
14 LEWIS Elizabeth Lewis  1729Hanover County, VA I6822
15 LEWIS Jane  1 Jan 1727Hanover County, VA I6821
16 LEWIS Mary  Abt 1732Hanover County, VA I6823
17 MERIWETHER David  5 Oct 1716Hanover County, VA I7850
18 MERIWETHER James  1 Jun 1729Hanover County, VA I7854
19 MILLS Ann  1710Hanover County, VA I152
20 MILLS Nicholas, Jr.  Aft 1698Hanover County, VA I153
21 RICE Alice  27 Sep 1700Hanover County, VA I10221
22 RICE Benjamin  1735Hanover County, VA I10193
23 RICE Charles  1733Hanover County, VA I10192
24 Rev. RICE David  29 Dec 1733Hanover County, VA I10097
25 RICE Edward  17 Apr 1690Hanover County, VA I10218
26 RICE Elizabeth  1710Hanover County, VA I10224
27 RICE Elizabeth  Abt 1737Hanover County, VA I10195
28 RICE Frances Blair  1766Hanover County, VA I10099
29 RICE James  4 Apr 1686Hanover County, VA I10215
30 RICE John  18 Sep 1698Hanover County, VA I10220
31 RICE Mary  9 Dec 1694Hanover County, VA I10219
32 RICE Matthew  1720Hanover County, VA I10188
33 RICE Susanna  1707Hanover County, VA I10222
34 RICE Thomas  24 Jun 1688Hanover County, VA I10217
35 RICE Thomas  1727Hanover County, VA I10191
36 RICE William B.  24 Apr 1744Hanover County, VA I10197
37 SEARCY Robert  1690Hanover County, VA I10225
38 SEARCY Sarah --LNU--  Hanover County, VA I10226
39 SEARCY Susannah  Abt 1700Hanover County, VA I10185
40 SMITH Elizabeth  1673Hanover County, VA I4379
41 WALTON Agnes  7 Jan 1745Hanover County, VA I5714
42 WALTON Bettey  3 Aug 1765Hanover County, VA I5718
43 WALTON Edward  Abt 1719Hanover County, VA I5708
44 WALTON Elizabeth  17 Sep 1743Hanover County, VA I7714
45 WALTON Ison Thompson  15 Mar 1750Hanover County, VA I5719
46 WALTON John  22 Jun 1774Hanover County, VA I5723
47 WALTON Lucrecy  Abt 4 Dec 1764Hanover County, VA I5717
48 WALTON Milley  6 Jun 1770Hanover County, VA I5722
49 WALTON Richmond  27 Jun 1753Hanover County, VA I5720
50 WALTON Salley  21 Apr 1755Hanover County, VA I5716

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DIBDALL Margaret  1763Hanover County, VA I10144
2 GILES Mary  1757Hanover County, VA I11791
3 HALL Lenora L. (J)  Abt 1910Hanover County, VA I6846
4 HARRIS James Ernest, Sr.  17 Oct 1873Hanover County, VA I6845
5 HARRIS John W.  26 Sep 1926Hanover County, VA I9931
6 HOLT Ann  1742Hanover County, VA I10209
7 LOVING Herbert L.  7 Sep 2010Hanover County, VA I10804
8 MERIWETHER Elizabeth  1 Jan 1725Hanover County, VA I12703
9 MILLS Charles  1764Hanover County, VA I160
10 MILLS Nicholas, Sr.  4 Apr 1741Hanover County, VA I87
11 Dr. RICE David  Hanover County, VA I10184
12 SEARCY Robert  1734Hanover County, VA I10225
13 SEARCY Sarah --LNU--  Hanover County, VA I10226
14 SEARCY Susannah  Hanover County, VA I10185
15 WALTON Edward  Aft 31 Aug 1791Hanover County, VA I5708
16 WALTON John  1 Nov 1772Hanover County, VA I5707
17 WALTON Salley  Bef 9 Oct 1767Hanover County, VA I5716


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HARRIS James Ernest, Sr.  Hanover County, VA I6845
2 MOORE Dennis Canon  Hanover County, VA I1162


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fraternity    Person ID 
1 HORNE Herbert Calvin, Jr.  1966Hanover County, VA I1152


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DAVIES / HOLT  4 Oct 1748Hanover County, VA F3413
2 HART / RICE  1730Hanover County, VA F3414
3 PECK / ROBERTSON  20 Nov 1998Hanover County, VA F1410
4 RICE / BLAIR  1762Hanover County, VA F3370
5 RICE / HOLT  1770Hanover County, VA F3406