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Sussex County, VA


All of Sussex County was known as Albemarle Parish during colonial times, and all of its citizens were required to support the Anglican, or Established, Church with their taxes and their attendance. The church wardens, rather than the government, took responsibility for the care of the poor. The communion silver used at St. Andrew's Church near Yale still survives and represents one of the most complete sets of colonial church silver in America. Also, the register of births and deaths kept by the Rev. William Willie has also survived as a great genealogical reference to the colonial residents of the county. Growing dissatisfaction with the Established Church during colonial times led to the establishment in Sussex of some of the earliest Baptist and Methodist churches in Virginia. Antioch near Yale, originally known as Raccoon Swamp Meeting House, is regarded as the oldest Baptist church in eastern Virginia, being established in 1772. Sappony Church near Stony Creek, followed, being established in 1773. Its first pastor was the Reverend James Bell, who had relinquished his post as a member of the Virginia House Of Burgesses to devote himself to a new ministry. Bell Road in Sussex, which runs by the site of his home, is named for him. At Jones' Chapel, the site of which is located on Comans Well Road near Interstate Route 95, thousands were converted by itinerant Methodist preachers, including Bishop Francis Asbury. Lane's Chapel, which was located near Airfield Mill Pond near Wakefield, is the third earliest documented Methodist church in Virginia. At Ellis Chapel, which was located near Waverly on Walnut Hill Road, Virginia Methodists, at their annual conference held there in 1783, first went on record as opposing the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Latitude: 36.9183609722222, Longitude: -77.2794855555556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNES Clarence  Jul 1896Sussex County, VA I7127
2 BOOTH Bonnie Beryl  1 Sep 1943Sussex County, VA I1001
3 BOOTH Frances Adell  6 Dec 1919Sussex County, VA I1005
4 BOOTH Humphrey, Jr.  1660Sussex County, VA I69
5 BOOTH Percy Jackson (Jackie), Jr.  27 Jul 1933Sussex County, VA I1000
6 BRIGGS Elizabeth  Abt 1725Sussex County, VA I2191
7 BUTLER Mary Dean  1 May 1903Sussex County, VA I1976
8 CHAPPELL Amy  1732Sussex County, VA I2185
9 CHAPPELL Edmund  Between 1824 and 1825Sussex County, VA I328
10 CHAPPELL Edward N.  2 Nov 1855Sussex County, VA I9025
11 CHAPPELL Elizabeth  6 Jul 1745Sussex County, VA I2178
12 CHAPPELL Emma G.  Abt 1863Sussex County, VA I9030
13 CHAPPELL Eva E.  20 Sep 1866Sussex County, VA I9040
14 CHAPPELL Helen W.  4 Jul 1868Sussex County, VA I9041
15 CHAPPELL Henry  1732Sussex County, VA I2186
16 CHAPPELL Henry  5 Mar 1751Sussex County, VA I2198
17 CHAPPELL Henry  16 Sep 1764Sussex County, VA I2498
18 CHAPPELL James  5 May 1747Sussex County, VA I169
19 CHAPPELL John V.  Abt 1866Sussex County, VA I9032
20 CHAPPELL Littleton James, Sr.  28 Sep 1804Sussex County, VA I325
21 CHAPPELL Littleton James  5 Apr 1858Sussex County, VA I2011
22 CHAPPELL Louisa A.  Jun 1860Sussex County, VA I9038
23 CHAPPELL Nathaniel W.  1804Sussex County, VA I324
24 CHAPPELL Rebecca J.  15 Apr 1861Sussex County, VA I9028
25 CHAPPELL Rebecca Jane  Between 1806 and 1820Sussex County, VA I8982
26 CHAPPELL Richard H.  19 Jan 1857Sussex County, VA I9037
27 CHAPPELL Robert A.  24 Jun 1818Sussex County, VA I329
28 CHAPPELL Robert A.  6 Apr 1857Sussex County, VA I9019
29 CHAPPELL Robert W.  1854Sussex County, VA I9023
30 CHAPPELL Sallie  Abt 1876Sussex County, VA I9034
31 CHAPPELL Samuel  2 Mar 1864Sussex County, VA I9031
32 CHAPPELL Sarah E.  17 Aug 1850Sussex County, VA I9021
33 CHAPPELL Thomas J.  15 Nov 1857Sussex County, VA I9026
34 CHAPPELL Waverly  Apr 1870Sussex County, VA I9033
35 CHAPPELL William  30 Aug 1769Sussex County, VA I2500
36 CHAPPELL William B. W.  22 Jul 1861Sussex County, VA I9039
37 CHAPPELL William E.  21 May 1859Sussex County, VA I9027
38 CHAPPELL William Louis  17 Sep 1884Sussex County, VA I9099
39 CLARY Ella May  1877Sussex County, VA I10443
40 CLARY Thomas Lafayette  8 Jul 1840Sussex County, VA I5745
41 COTTON Carey-Cary  12 Mar 1765Sussex County, VA I3024
42 Dr. COTTON Gary  1837Sussex County, VA I3862
43 COTTON Sary Salle  2 Jan 1748Sussex County, VA I3408
44 COTTON Seth  1 Nov 1750Sussex County, VA I3409
45 COTTON Weaver Alexander, Sr.  2 Jul 1768Sussex County, VA I3414
46 COTTON William Henry  Abt 1795Sussex County, VA I3022
47 COTTON William Madison  3 Jun 1826Sussex County, VA I3019
48 DANIEL Sarah Frances  2 Sep 1831Sussex County, VA I7717
49 DOBIE Claramond  1778Sussex County, VA I318
50 DUNN Eliza Bell  1810Sussex County, VA I7704

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 CHAPPELL Littleberry  10 Jan 1773Sussex County, VA I317


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BAIRD John  13 Jan 1778Sussex County, VA I9231
2 BARKER Jethro  1754Sussex County, VA I12673
3 BRIGGS Anne  1790Sussex County, VA I9677
4 BRIGGS Joseph  27 Oct 1855Sussex County, VA I12650
5 CHAPPELL Albert Bolling  3 Nov 1877Sussex County, VA I423
6 CHAPPELL Henry  1809Sussex County, VA I2198
7 CHAPPELL Howell, Sr.  1806Sussex County, VA I2189
8 CHAPPELL James  12 Feb 1769Sussex County, VA I47
9 CHAPPELL James, Jr.  12 Feb 1769Sussex County, VA I93
10 CHAPPELL James  1818Sussex County, VA I169
11 CHAPPELL John  1803Sussex County, VA I2199
12 CHAPPELL John  1803Sussex County, VA I2197
13 CHAPPELL Littleberry  5 Apr 1827Sussex County, VA I317
14 CHAPPELL Littleton James  23 Aug 1935Sussex County, VA I2011
15 CHAPPELL Samuel, Jr.  2 Jan 1765Sussex County, VA I2214
16 COTTON Joshua  27 Apr 1772Sussex County, VA I3426
17 COTTON Nathanael  1795Sussex County, VA I3419
18 COTTON Richard  7 Jan 1790Sussex County, VA I3026
19 COTTON Thomas  1792Sussex County, VA I3421
20 COTTON Thomas (T.C.)  16 Feb 1779Sussex County, VA I3416
21 DOBIE Claramond  26 Sep 1826Sussex County, VA I318
22 ELLIS Mary  1818Sussex County, VA I9203
23 ELLIS Wright, Sr.  13 Dec 1819Sussex County, VA I12686
24 FAISON Henry  1810Sussex County, VA I12254
25 FAISON Thomas  Bet. 1817–1819Sussex County, VA I12252
26 FLEETWOOD Purnell, Sr.  17 Apr 1928Sussex County, VA I9077
27 GIBBONS Mary  21 Jun 1787Sussex County, VA I11116
28 GLOVER Rebecca  1809Sussex County, VA I3018
29 GOODRICH Stella Gertrude  17 Dec 1984Sussex County, VA I676
30 GRAMMER David  8 Feb 1886Sussex County, VA I10792
31 GROSS Elizabeth  Dec 1759Sussex County, VA I11371
32 HARRISON Ishmael  Dec 1842Sussex County, VA I11966
33 HINES David  1784Sussex County, VA I11387
34 HINES Micajah  1810Sussex County, VA I11368
35 HINES William  Feb 1760Sussex County, VA I11370
36 HINES William  Feb 1783Sussex County, VA I91
37 HOBBS Sara "Sally"  Between 1840 and 1850Sussex County, VA I9802
38 IVEY Will Hugh  Sussex County, VA I3668
39 JONES Ann  1752Sussex County, VA I10673
40 LITTLE Rebecca  Feb 1784Sussex County, VA I11360
41 MCBEE Mary  Abt 1752Sussex County, VA I10671
42 NEWSUM Sarah  Aft 1784Sussex County, VA I5531
43 OWEN Mary Elizabeth Tatum  5 Jul 1891Sussex County, VA I294
44 PARSONS William Robert  1777Sussex County, VA I3968
45 POND Albert  1846Sussex County, VA I6807
46 POND Archiebald Patrick Preston  15 Aug 1846Sussex County, VA I6802
47 POND James Walter  1 Nov 1866Sussex County, VA I1485
48 PRESSON Thomas L.  Sussex County, VA I9202
49 RAINEY Robert Atkinson  9 Apr 1890Sussex County, VA I10991
50 SCOTT Elizabeth  20 Mar 1761Sussex County, VA I1618

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 BARNES Emily Louise  Sussex County, VA I7126
2 BELL Novella Estelle  Sussex County, VA I12265
3 Capt. BOOTH George, Sr.  Aug 1763Sussex County, VA I10670
4 CHAPPELL Albert J.  Sussex County, VA I9009
5 CHAPPELL James  Sussex County, VA I47
6 CHAPPELL Nannie --Unknown--  Sussex County, VA I9061
7 CHAPPELL Sallie Rebecca --LNU--  Sussex County, VA I9062
8 CHAPPELL William F.  Sussex County, VA I9068
9 CLARY Alexander Thomas  Sussex County, VA I4267
10 GOODRICH Albert D.  Mar 1900Sussex County, VA I460
11 HARRISON Emmett Robert  Sussex County, VA I12264
12 HARRISON Fletcher Everett  Dec 1982Sussex County, VA I838
13 HARRISON Lula Maude  Oct 1975Sussex County, VA I837
14 HATCH William Nicholas  Sussex County, VA I9727
15 HORNE William Randolph  Sussex County, VA I852


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Age    Person ID 
1 CHAPPELL Sallie Rebecca --LNU--  1880Sussex County, VA I9062

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 CROSS Mary Elizabeth(Egges?)  1829Sussex County, VA I381
2 GOODRICH Benjamin Joseph  23 Apr 1880Sussex County, VA I1523
3 GOODRICH Minnie Leigh  Abt 1884Sussex County, VA I1541

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 BARHAM Thomas  16 Sep 1784Sussex County, VA I5500
2 CHAPPELL James, Jr.  1778Sussex County, VA I93

Alt. Name

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Name    Person ID 
1 HOWELL Elizabeth  1696Sussex County, VA I46


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAIN Thomas Jefferson  1940Sussex County, VA I780
2 BISHOP Indiana Seymore  1850Sussex County, VA I10054
3 BISHOP Roberta J  1860Sussex County, VA I10049
4 CHAPPELL Albert J.  1880Sussex County, VA I9009
5 CLARY Alexander Thomas  1860Sussex County, VA I4267
6 CLARY Benjamin Milton  1860Sussex County, VA I3990
7 CLARY Thomas Lafayette  1850Sussex County, VA I5745
8 CLARY Thomas Lafayette  1860Sussex County, VA I5745
9 CLARY Thomas Lafayette  1870Sussex County, VA I5745
10 COTTON Richard  1782Sussex County, VA I3026
11 CROSS Mary Elizabeth(Egges?)  1850Sussex County, VA I381
12 ELLIS Bolling  1820Sussex County, VA I9797
13 HARRISON Ishmael  1810Sussex County, VA I12041
14 HARRISON Ishmael  1820Sussex County, VA I12041
15 HARRISON Ishmael  1830Sussex County, VA I12041
16 HARRISON Ishmael  1840Sussex County, VA I12041
17 HORNE Elizabeth F.  1850Sussex County, VA I556
18 HORNE John Leonardis  1860Sussex County, VA I561
19 HORNE Williamson Turner  1840Sussex County, VA I287
20 HORNE Zachariah Thomas  1850Sussex County, VA I496
21 HORNE Zachariah Thomas  1860Sussex County, VA I496
22 RAINES Ellen Augusta  1860Sussex County, VA I494
23 Capt. RAINES Ethelbert John "Bart", Jr.  Sussex County, VA I399
24 Capt. RAINES Ethelbert John "Bart", Jr.  1860Sussex County, VA I399
25 Capt. RAINES Ethelbert John "Bart", Jr.  1870Sussex County, VA I399
26 SOUTHALL John W. Armistead  1860Sussex County, VA I9860
27 WESTBROOK John P.  1840Sussex County, VA I3473
28 WESTBROOK John P.  1850Sussex County, VA I3473


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 EDWARDS Ethel Winifred  1966-1994Sussex County, VA I968


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID 
1 BOOTH Arthur, Sr.  16 Aug 1756Sussex County, VA I110
2 BOOTH Beverly  12 Dec 1781Sussex County, VA I211

Lived(s) In

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived(s) In    Person ID 
1 BAIN Thomas Jefferson  Sussex County, VA I780
2 PARSONS Robert  Sussex County, VA I3047

Living In

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living In    Person ID 
1 ELLIS William, Sr.  Sussex County, VA I12477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 SHARPE Alfred Stith  24 May 1861Sussex County, VA I11108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 WESTBROOK Romeo Jackson  Sussex County, VA I2828


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BAILEY Edward Brockwell  1920Sussex County, VA I726
2 CHAPPELL Albert Bolling  1870Sussex County, VA I423
3 CHAPPELL James L.  1880Sussex County, VA I9010
4 CLARY Alexander Thomas  1850Sussex County, VA I4267
5 HARRISON Fletcher Everett  1930Sussex County, VA I838
6 HOLMES Peter James, II  1870Sussex County, VA I1638
7 HORNE Williamson Turner  1860Sussex County, VA I287
8 PARSONS Joseph  1850Sussex County, VA I430
9 RAINES Ellen Augusta  1870Sussex County, VA I494
10 RAINES Martha V.  1870Sussex County, VA I9775
11 SHEFFIELD Della Mae  2000Sussex County, VA I12966
12 SHEFFIELD Edwin Lawson  1850Sussex County, VA I7705


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pension    Person ID 
1 SHARPE Alfred Stith  16 May 1924Sussex County, VA I11108

Political Office

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Political Office    Person ID 
1 CHAPPELL James  1754Sussex County, VA I47


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 CHAPPELL Albert Bolling  1870Sussex County, VA I423
2 CHAPPELL Albert Bolling  1870Sussex County, VA I423


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAILEY Edward Brockwell  1920Sussex County, VA I726
2 HOLDSWORTH Marian Anita  Sussex County, VA I2695
3 HORNE Williamson Turner  4 Aug 1860Sussex County, VA I287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Capt. BOOTH George, Sr.  1793Sussex County, VA I10670
2 Capt. BOOTH Humphrey, Sr.  4 Sep 1685Sussex County, VA I26
3 CHAPPELL James  31 Oct 1768Sussex County, VA I47
4 CHAPPELL James  16 Mar 1769Sussex County, VA I47
5 COTTON Richard  7 Jan 1790Sussex County, VA I3026
6 COTTON William Henry  1842Sussex County, VA I3022
7 HARRISON Ishmael  1842Sussex County, VA I12041
8 PARSONS Robert  1778Sussex County, VA I3047
9 Capt. RAINES Ethelbert John "Bart", Jr.  1874Sussex County, VA I399
10 SCOTT Elizabeth  1761Sussex County, VA I1618
11 STACY Hannah  1826Sussex County, VA I3045

Will Proved

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will Proved    Person ID 
1 CHAPPELL Henry  1809Sussex County, VA I2198


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BOOTH / CRYER  24 May 1770Sussex County, VA F3806
2 BOOTH / JUDKINS  1879Sussex County, VA F593
3 BOOTH / OWEN  22 Dec 1859Sussex County, VA F111
4 CHAPPELL / BIRDSONG  5 Aug 1879Sussex County, VA F191
5 CHAPPELL / BRIGGS  1744Sussex County, VA F739
6 CHAPPELL / CHAPPELL  Sussex County, VA F47
7 CHAPPELL / CHAPPELL  6 Jul 1801Sussex County, VA F3128
8 CHAPPELL / COLTON  5 Jan 1843Sussex County, VA F3021
9 CHAPPELL / DOBIE  4 Feb 1802Sussex County, VA F122
10 CHAPPELL / GRAVES  3 Nov 1828Sussex County, VA F554
11 CHAPPELL / HINES  17 Mar 1758Sussex County, VA F871
12 CHAPPELL / HINES  20 Apr 1769Sussex County, VA F68
13 CHAPPELL / JONES  Abt 1693Sussex County, VA F518
14 CHAPPELL / JONES  2 Jan 1806Sussex County, VA F1363
15 CHAPPELL / RIVES  Sussex County, VA F48
16 CHAPPELL / RIVES  5 Nov 1779Sussex County, VA F743
17 CHAPPELL / UNDERHILL  5 Jul 1832Sussex County, VA F151
18 COTTON / HARRISON  11 Dec 1792Sussex County, VA F1070
19 COTTON / PARSONS  7 Mar 1816Sussex County, VA F1055
20 ELLIS / ANDREWS  1795Sussex County, VA F4250
21 ELLIS / ELLIS  1 Nov 1783Sussex County, VA F4171
22 ELLIS / GILBERT  23 Jan 1788Sussex County, VA F3840
23 ELLIS / HEATH  25 Dec 1786Sussex County, VA F3366
24 FAISON / COKER  11 Dec 1832Sussex County, VA F1717
25 FAISON / SMITH  Abt 1758Sussex County, VA F1965
26 FAISON / WARREN  20 Dec 1824Sussex County, VA F596
27 FAISON / WHITE  17 Feb 1803Sussex County, VA F1964
28 GOODRICH / SMITH  26 Oct 1803Sussex County, VA F3476
29 GRAMMER / WEBB  14 Mar 1879Sussex County, VA F3632
30 HARRIS / HARGRAVE  22 Jul 1822Sussex County, VA F148
31 HINES / GROSS  1710Sussex County, VA F3811
32 HOBBS / GLOVER  19 Oct 1779Sussex County, VA F1028
33 HOLMES / BOOTH  8 May 1885Sussex County, VA F528
34 HORNE / RAINES  8 Oct 1874Sussex County, VA F181
35 HORNE / STEPHENSON  5 Dec 1867Sussex County, VA F206
36 JENNINGS / RICHARDSON  30 Nov 1843Sussex County, VA F2689
37 LITTLE / POND  10 Dec 1868Sussex County, VA F2448
38 PARSONS / PARSONS  1772-1773Sussex County, VA F1085
39 PARSONS / STACY  4 Feb 1793Sussex County, VA F1084
40 POND / HOOD  5 May 1853Sussex County, VA F2700
41 POND / STEPHENSON  28 Nov 1833Sussex County, VA F2370
42 RAINES / WEBB  Sussex County, VA F146
43 SHARPE / CHILDRESS  7 Feb 1878Sussex County, VA F3727
44 SHEFFIELD / HORNE  14 Mar 1867Sussex County, VA F156
45 SHEFFIELD / JENNINGS  27 Jul 1872Sussex County, VA F2686
46 TEMPLE / AMBROSE  7 Jan 1830Sussex County, VA F3583
47 WARREN / FAISON  4 Jun 1818Sussex County, VA F594
48 WESTBROOK / GRIZZARD  12 Jan 1838Sussex County, VA F3872