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 Snow Hill Cemetery, Surry County, Va, USA

Latitude: 37 5 30, Longitude: -77 2 57 | Click to get directions to Snow Hill Cemetery
Snow Hill Cemetery

Booth Family:
Located behind Snow Hill Plantation on Rt.40 north of Waverly


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Booth: Annie L. Booth
Booth: Annie L. Booth
Annie's tombstone at Snow Hill 
Located  1. Latitude: 37.0906505, Longitude: -77.049264  BOOTH Annie Laurie (d. 20 Jul 1885)
Booth: Bins Beverly Booth
Booth: Bins Beverly Booth
Tombstone and burial box at Snow Hill plantation 
Located  2. Latitude: 37° 5' 2, Longitude: -77° 2'   Capt. BOOTH Binns Beverly (d. 6 Oct 1904)